Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tapatio, Cardenas & Stater Bros

There are some good SROCK UP PRICES @ both Cardena's and Tapatio today!

Cardenas Deals:

Chicken Drunsticks .49 lb Familu Pack 10 lbs
Pinto Beans 3lbs/ .99
El Mexicano Whole Jalapenas 27oz .79 ea
Celery 3 for .99
Cantaloupe 5 lbs / .99
Springfield Tomato Sauce 8oz 6/$1.00

Tapatio Deals:

Chicken Drumsticks .49 lb Bagged 10lbs or more
Pork Spare Ribs 1.49 lb
Mexican Squash 2lbs / .99
7up Sunkist 2 litters .79 ea

Stater Bros Deals:
3 day Oct 3,4,5 Sunday Monday Tuesday ONLY
Pepsi all Varieties 2 ltr. .69 ea MUST BUY 4
Stater Bros Ground Beef Patties 3lb pkg $4.98
Rice a Roni or Pasta a Roni .79 ea MUST BUY 5
PRingles Super Stackers 2/$3.00 MF Coupon 9/26

Mix N Match Buy 10 items save $5.00 (prices below show savings)

Oscar Mayer Wieners .99 ea
Oscar Mayer Deli lunchmeat 2.49 ea
CapriSun or Kool-Aid Jammers 1.49 ea
Knudsen Cottage Cheese 16oz 1.99 ea
These are the best matchups i found that i know
i need in my refrigerator.

2 OM Deli Lunchmeat
4 Knudsen Cottage Cheese
2 OM Wieners
2 Capri Sun
Use 2 $1.00 off OM Lunchmeat (Printable)

I am super happy the COttage Cheese is on sale. I am going to be Making my HOMADE Lasagna And it usually never goes on special. Super HAppy!!!!!

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