Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Food 4 Less 7/28/2010

Hot Deals this week at Food 4 Less

Shopping list with out coupons was:
2 Gallons of milk $5.10
2 Twin Pk Layton Bread $3.96
2 Deluxe Ice Cream $3.96
Kroger 5lb bag macaroni pasta $3.98
_________ TOTAL of ITEMS NO COUPONS $17.01

Shopping list WITH COUPONS was:
2 Aunt Jamima Syrup 1.98 ea $1.00/2 $2.96
Mission Tortilla 90 count $2.68 $1.00/1 $1.68
Oscar Meyer Wieners (CLEAREANCE).98 .55/1 $0.43
2 Farmer John Ham 2/$5.00 1.50/1 $2.00
on the farmer John was a Q for .55 off REAL CALIFORNIA CHEESE & on the cheese was a Q for .30 off it
2 8oz Monterey Jack $2.18ea .55 - .30 = $1.33 ea x 2 = 2.66
_____________TOTAL WITH COUPONS $9.73
_----------- Total Q savings $7.25

I saved 43% on the coupons i used on the ITEMS I needed!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This Sunday 7/25/2010 K-Mart is DOUBLING COUPONS

Good News to all KMart Shoppers they are Doubling coupons up to .99 cents.
1.50 Q they will make it worth .99 more = 2.49 off
1.00 worth .99 = 1.99 off
.50 Q will doulbe to .50 = 1.00 off

I have the 4.00 Q for Olay Body wash or Lotion so it will be worth 4.99 and the Olay is on sale for 5.00 so i will pay a PENNY for mines... Thanks God I have 5 of these coupons so i will stock pile mines.

Also went shopping today to Cardenas and they had Kraft Mayo on sale for 1.98 and they have Peelies on them buy 2 get 1.00 off and i also got to use my Q for .55 off ea. So I paid for .93 for ea Mayo. They also had 2 for $3.00 General mills Ceral. Q .60 ea Paid $1.80 for 2 boxes = .90 a Box Great Deal. My kids live on cerael..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ralphs 7/20/2010

Today went to Ralphs and had my list ready and did not buy anything that was not on the list. I was so proud cuz i can get side tracked and by other stuff. Here is what I got For $10.20 If you bought 10 things off this certain list you got .50 off each item.

2 Tombstone Pizza's 2.49 ea
2 Q's 2.00 off
Final Price .49 ea

5 Rice A Roni reg price 1.25
Sale .79 ea

C & H Sugar 5lbs 2.49
Q .50
Final Price 1.99

2 Private Selection Ice Cream 2.49 ea
sale price 1.99 ea

Total PAid $10.20
THat is a HOT BUY!!!!!!

Rice Roni 5 * .79 = 3.95
So if you take 3.95 - 10.20 that is 6.25 / 5 = 1.25 an item for the Sugar, Pizza & Ice Cream

Friday, July 16, 2010

Staples 7/18/2010 PREVIEW 1 cent Washable School Glue

PREVIEW of STAPLES 7/18/2010
******** PENNY SALE ********
1 Cent Washable Glue Limit 2 per household

*************.25 cents sale ********
.25 Bic Matic Grip Assorted mechanical pencils 5pack limit 2
.25 slider pencil case limit 2
.25 Staples 3'x5' white ruled index card 100pack limit 2
.25 Staples Photo plus 4'x6' paper Limit 2 rebates (9.99 - 9.74 easy rebate=.25)

********** $1.00 Sale ************
Hammer mill Copyplus 500 sheet ream (easy Rebate 6.79 - 1.80 intant savings - 3.99 easy rebate = $1.00) Limit 2 rebates per household
Westcott Scissors $1.00 limit 2 per household
Roseart 10 pack $1.00

*******24.99 after easy rebate ******
Staples Multi purpose paper 10 reams CASE 96 bright (easy rebate $46.99 - 22 easy rebate = $24.99)

Happy Shopping!

Walmart 7/16/2010

Some Good deals today @ Walmart
1 Nivea Body Wash Shampoo Shave 4 Men 4.00
1 Nivea Cool 4 men Body Wash $3.00
Q 4.00 off 2
= 1.50 ea HOT BUY

Scope White MOUthwash 3.94
Q 1.00 off
= 2.94

Lever 2000 2 Bar soap 1.59
Q .50 off
= 1.09

Pedigree 12 pouch Chopped Dog Food ROLLBACK $6.44
Q 3.00 off
= 3.44 HOT BUY

TOTAL BEFORE Q's = $18.97
MINUS Q's - 8.50
TOTAL AFTER Q's = $10.47

They also had some Clothes 70% off I got JR jean shorts for $5.00 reg. 12.50
Plus the bonus was that I was in Air Conditioning!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

RiversideCouponLady: Cool Deals

RiversideCouponLady: Cool Deals: "Buy 2 Schick Quattro Razors $6.49 each (ringing up at $5.49 in some places!) Use 2 $2.00/1 Schick Disposable Razor from SS 6/27 Pay: $6.98, ..."

Cool Deals

Buy 2 Schick Quattro Razors $6.49 each (ringing up at $5.49 in some places!)
Use 2 $2.00/1 Schick Disposable Razor from SS 6/27
Pay: $6.98, Receive $5 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $0.99 each, when you buy 2

There is also a promotion going on That u can find online at:

Just Puchase $30.00 worth of Olay, Venus, Covergirl, Secret or Pantene products and recieve a $10 rebate by mail. Rebate submissions must be postmarked by October 1,2010.
Print out the form and mail in Original dated sales reciepts with item purchase prices circled. Write in UPC codes in spaces provided on the offer form and mail it in a stamped envelope to the addresss on the form. Allow 6-8 weeks for your rebate delivery!

7/15/2010 CVS Walmart

Hey all I hope you are all trying to stay out of the HEAT with a bunch of COOL prices!
I went to CVS on Tuesday night and picked up:

FREEBIE: Complete Contact Lens cleaner 7.99
GET $7.99 ECB (I gave this to my sister cuz her kids wear contacts)

Frieda Frizz Ease Shampoo & Condition 2 for $10.00
Get $5.00 ECB back
Used 2 Q's 2.50 EA
Pay %5.00 Got $5.00 ECB

Then I went to Walmart For my Daughters Bday Gift she turned 3 on the 14th

Little pet shop $5.00
Q = B1G1 Free

OP Cute shirt reg price $7.50
Sale $5.00

If any of you out there have some testimonies pls post them. I love seeing how coupons is helping out your families!
Happy Coupon Shopping!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

CVS $65.16 for $19.84 + $4.00 ECB & Staples Easy Rebates $9.96

So I know your wondering what I did to do that well here it is: (pics r the proof)

4 for $5.00 Suave deodorants 1.4 oz
3 for $5.00 Suave Body Wash, coditions or kids sauve
= $ 10.00 get $3.00 ECB on reciept
I had 3 Q .75 ea deodorant
3 Q .25 ea body wash
total Q = $3.00

Suave Total $10.00
Q -3.00
= $7.00
minus ECB $3.00

Next i got 4 Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor on SALE $3.99 EA Have Q $3.00 ea off
3.99 x 4 = $15.96
Minus Q's $12.00

3 day Sale Deal
Paper Mate 10 pack Pens .99 Limit 1
ECB .99

2 Chex mix Big Bag 8 oz $1.00 ea
2 Q's .55 cents off ea
Total $2.00
2 Q 1.10 off
TOTAL .90 CENTS for BOTH Bags that is .45 cents a BAG

Then I got the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Arizona Drink 23 oz can .99 ea
I got 8 Cans @ .49 each total $3.96

I also found still an Brown Eyed Girl NYC eyeshadow for 75% off reg 3.94 for $1.25

So today was an xcellent day at CVS.....
Spent $19.84 and still have 3.99 ECB for my next trip of savings...

*********** STAPLES **********
Not to mention but i also went to Staples for there big deals too....

I got the limit 10 Penny Folders
2 Pencils
2 reams of staples paper ( EASY REBATE)
2 packs of glue sticks
3 pencil holders
2 markers
2 2pack of scissors

Spent $21.00 Mailing out EASY REBATES of $9.96
so after rebate it will be
$11.04 Thats a good day too...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

RiversideCouponLady: 7/10/2010 food 4 less

RiversideCouponLady: 7/10/2010 food 4 less: "There was only a few deals here today but some really good ones El Monterey burritos family pack 2 x $5.00 Q $1.00 off 2 2 for $4.00 Old O..."

7/10/2010 food 4 less

There was only a few deals here today but some really good ones
El Monterey burritos family pack 2 x $5.00
Q $1.00 off 2
2 for $4.00

Old Orchard Frozen Juice sale 10 for $10.00
I bought 4
Q $1.00 off 4
= .75 ea HOT BUY

Gold n Soft Spread Butter Tub SALE $1.68 ea
Q 1.50 off 2 or u can say i paid 1.68 for 1 and the other .18cents3
= .93 ea

Wishbone dressings 1.97 ea
Q 1.25 off 2
= 1.34 ea

Guererro Flour tortilla family pack(2 18packs) 3.98 Sale
Q 1.00
= 2.98 HOT BUY

Stuff that i needed but no Q's
2lb Ham 5.29
2lb turkey 5.29
2lb pasta 1.98
apples (pink lady) .99 lbs
tomatoes 2 lbs .99
onion .77 lbs
jalapeno 2lbs .99
bread (Layton twin pack) 2.48
2 gal milk 2.51 Gal
Spent $43.51
but saved $5.75 on things I already buy
I was hoping that the Bar S Lunch meat was on sale but was not had Q for that but will save it for when it is on sale to make it a HOT BUY!!!

CVS HOT BUYS starting 7/11/2010 - 7/12/2010

CVS 7/11 ECB 7/13/2010

Suave Products Listed Below
Spend $10, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 2

Suave Invisible Solid $1.25
$0.75/1 Suave Deodorant Product from RP 7/11

Suave Body Wash, Shampoo or Conditioner $1.67
$1.00/2 Suave Professionals Shampoo or Conditioner from RP 7/11
$0.50/2 Suave Kids Shampoo or Conditioner from RP 7/11
$0.25/1 Suave Body Wash from RP 7/11

Buy 4 Suave Invisible Solid $1.25
Buy 2 Suave Shampoo or Conditioner $1.67
Buy 1 Suave Body Wash $1.67
Use 4 $0.75/1 Suave Deodorant Product from RP 7/11
Use 1 $1.00/2 Suave Professionals Shampoo or Conditioner from RP 7/11
Use 1 $0.25/1 Suave Body Wash from RP 7/11
Pay: $5.75, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $0.39 each, when you buy 7

Buy 2 Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner $4.99
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
Buy One, Get One Free Head & Shoulders Product from SS 7/11
Pay: $4.99, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $1.49 each, when you buy 2

Bic Soleil $3.99
$3.00/1 BIC Soleil Disposable Shavers from SS 7/11
Final Price: $0.99

Friday, July 9, 2010


Staples is having there 1 cent sale again.... yea me here are some things that are:
Back 2 School deals to get the deals you have to spend $5.00 Minimum
******1 cent****** each

2 pocket folder with fasteners ( limit 10)
#2 yellow pencils, 8 pack (limit 2 per household)
Staples multipurpose paper, 500-sheet ream, 96 bright (4.99 - 4.98 easy rebate = .01)Limit 2 rebates per household

These next are all**** $1.00 *****
Bic Atlantis ballpoint pens assorted 4/pack
Staples mini stapler
Staples Translucent pencil box
Staples Hype grip highlighters 6/pack
Westcott 5" scissors 2/pack pointed
Staples glue sticks .26 oz 4/pack
Post it novelty shaped notes 2/pack
RoseArt Colored pencils 15/pack
Scotch Magic tape 3/4" x 675"
Quartet 8 1/2" X 11" dry ease board
Staples #10 Pull & Seal envelopes 25/pack
Staples photo supreme 8.5" X 11" paper 50/pack

NEXT BACKBACKS are 25% to 50% off

WEEKLY circular has when you walk in .. Spend 30.00 and recieve 5.00 discount!!!!!

Happy Shopping Sunday thru Wed deals BUT if they run out that is the end of the sale. GO SUNDAY most Staples open at 10 am

07/09/2010 2 posts in 1

1st post:
Stater Bros buys:
2 Golden Grahms
2 Cinnanmon Toast
(promo buy 4 cereals for $6.00)
coupon $1.00 off 3 & .55 off 1
2 Act II Popcorn
(sale 2/$4.00)
coupon $1.00 off 2
Total 7.45

Which made the cereals 1.11 ea
Act II 1.50 ea
Great Deals!

2nd Post:

Well at Albertsons they had MUST buy 8 savings on these:
Must buy 8: 3 Kellogs frosted flakes (1.25 OFF 3)
3 Rice Crisps (.60 X'S 3)
2 E L Fudge Cookies
8 * 1.50 = 12.00
2 packs of 30 count Mission Tortillas 1.24 (.75 ea off)
2 Jumbo Packs Sunflower seeds 1.99 ea sale (1.00 of 2)

I get the check out with my ALBERTSONS card Happy with my savings and coupons in hand

pAID $17.31
SHOULD HAVE BEEN ($4.30) $13.01

***************** UPDATE FROM BOTH STORES ******************

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Go to Google and type in Coupons... It will give u a couple places to get printable coupons online. Here is a list:
Smart source
Coupon Mom
Krazy Coupon Lady

Also get some from your local paper on Sunday! Redplum and Smartsource provide coupons every sunday and P&G give coupons once a month.
I did not go shopping today! But there are some great deals out there to buy!
Happy Browsing online for Coupons!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7/7/10 HOT BUYS weekly ads

Ok Today is Wed. 7/7/10 and the weekly ads are out so I have some comments on them for my deals that I think are HOT buys:

By me there is a Tapatio Market. They have Chicken Legs BONELESS Family packs 10 lbs for 9.90 (No Brainer .99 lbs ) They also had Chicken Quarters on sell 10 lbs for 4.90 (Thigh and leg with BONE) that is .49 lbs. I stocked up and got me also 4 pepsi 2 Liters for .69 + CRV .10 = .79 2 Liters Thats cheap!
Total was $18.27

Which when I got home I indivually pack my meat in bags for 1 nights DINNER. The BONELESS CHICKEN LEGS 5 (yes FIVE) Dinners & the Chicken Quarters 3 Dinners. So that is a total of 8 DINNERS @ $1.85 a dinner. NOW that is a deal!!!!

My Dinner for tomorrow night will be:
Malibu Chicken ( Bonless chicken Bread Crumbs topped with Ham & Mozzarella Cheese)
White Rice
Tossed Salad ( Lettuce, Tomato, Egg, Coutons )

Will be right around $3.50 Which will feed my Family of 5!

STator Bros is also having HOT BUYS this week:
General Mills Cereal 4 boxes for $6.00
(BUT if you have a coupon like me for $1.00 off 3 cereals & 1 coupon for .60 off 1)
U will Pay $4.40 for 4 Boxes = 1.10 per box

I always stock up on Cereal Cuz my kids love it! Its an easy go to Meal/snack for them!
I will post more Hot Buys as I see them in the Weekly Ads. Happy Shopping w/ COUPONS!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7-6-2010 Food4less, Walmart & Staples

Today was a busy day I went to Food4less and bought $21.00 worth of Groceries I used Coupons on the Kraft Singles buy 2 save $1.00 coupon and had another coupon for buy and 4 products of Kraft and get $2.00 more off, (stacking coupons Manufacture with instore = EXTRA SAVINGS) I bought 6 @ 5.68 after my coupons I usually buy the Big Brick of Kraft singles that if i am lucky would be on sale for ($7.99 or reg price could be 14.99) BIG Savings there Kraft singles are a MUST in my house! Then I bought the rest of the stuff with out coupons my Van De Kamp Double Pack Bread they also had the Farmer John Wierners still on sale for .68 ea i got 5 packs. Chicken Legs on sale for .78 LB.

So I GOT 4 loafs of Bread

5 packs of Hot Dogs

6 packs of Kraft Singles

4lbs of chicken legs

Total @ Food4Less ***** $21.00 *****

*********** STAPLES ***********

To build my coupon Binder I got the Baseball card holders they had them on sale at Staples for

2.99 10 pack i got 4 packs then got the kids 3 packs of color pencils on sale for 1.00 each

SPENT $16.11

The rest of the sheet protectors, dividers, pencil holder, Scissors I have at home so no need to buy those i believe in RE-USE'ing anything and everything! (Except Toilet paper LMAO)


BEST DEAL OF THE DAY FOR ME!!!!!! PIC at top of page
Got 3 Kraft 30 oz Mayo on sale 1.97 ea = 5.91
3 coupons for $1.00 -3.00
Makes it .97 a bottle 2.91 for 90 oz of Mayo
Dial Body Wash for MEN (usually 4.49) on SALE 2.97
COUPON for buy body wash get FREE Deodorant (NORMALLY 2.50)
Nexcare Bandages (always need w Kids) 1.50 ea
bought 2 boxes
COUPON for $1.00 off ea Total price Nexcare .50 ea
TOTAL at WALMART ****$7.62**** pic on profile is of this transaction....... Yea me!
I use to buy Bestfoods or Kraft Mayo to me they taste the same. I use to think i was getting a bargin When I would buy the Best foods 64 oz @ Food4Less for $6.99 on sale but i know it is NOT A DEAL ANYMORE WIth Coupons that i used today earlier at Walmart 90 oz for 2.91 DANG THAT IS A DEAL!!!!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Telling People about COUPONS!!!

Well today I did not go shopping but instead My nephew and his girlfriend came over tonight and I asked her if she has ever used coupons. SHe said in the past she has but has never gone out of her way to get them out of the paper or online. She would use one if she was buying something that had it on a sticky attached to the item. I showed her the reciept and the money I saved on my trip to Kmart on sunday and she is hooked. She asked me to go shopping with her to help her out. I feel happy that I am passing on the news of coupons to people I know. Like I have said before COUPONS are MONEY.. THe more coupons you use the LESS money you have to take out of your wallet on the stuff you already use. I am not a professional coupon Lady I just am starting out like others that I am trying to help so we can all learn together.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

7/4/2010 Kmart

Ok I am a NEW coupon Clipper so I think I did a good job this morning going to Kmart. I had my coupon binder with me and had my reward card in my wallet. I had coupons for the things i needed I bought:

2 Right Guard Total Defense 5 Deodorant
Sale price 5.00 for 2
MF Coupon $2.00 off
W/ kmart double today XTRA $1.00 off (only double up to a $1.00)
SO I got them for a $1.00 EACH

Then I got
Bic Comfort 3 Advance Shavers
Price $5.79
MF Coupon $2.00 off
W/ Kmart today Double $1.00 off
Paid 2.79

My hubby was so happy. I spent 4.79 which is what I would have spent regular on his dedordorant alone. SO to him and me it was like Buying 1 deodorant and getting 1 more free and his shavers free!

I call that a good day of shopping.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Riverside, Ca

Riverside Coupon Lady here. I am New to clipping Coupons but have been bit by the scissors. I look at the coupon as if it is REAL MONEY. For ex: a Coupon I found in the paper for C & H Sugar .50 off to me that is actually 2 quarters in my pocket of my wallet. Ladies and Gentlemen You need to use Coupons to offset the prices of the items out there. If you live in California you should know by know we are hurting for money really bad. I know my family is and coupons help me bring FOOD, Health and Beauty products in the house for cheaper and keeping more of my dollars and cents in my wallet......

I have been looking for places to DOUBLE COUPONS but there not alot out here in CA. But if you know of some pls post them to this BLOG... I know this week starting July 4th 2010 KMART is DOUBLING COUPONS ON HEALTH AND BUEATY ITEMS. SO if you have that $1.00 off coupon for the Dove Body Wash it is WOrth $2.00 and you only pay the .43 cents. COOL Deal.

Thanks from
Christle Arias