Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Food4Less Sales Buy 10 save $5.00 Instantly

TODAY Circular ad for Food4Less has some many Goodies in it!
Kick OFF to Savings
Buy 10 mix n Match Items save $5.00 Instanly

Here are some of the Specials

Powerade 32oz, VitaminWater 20 oz, SmartWater 1 Liter .48 ea

Kraft Shredded 7-8oz, 2% Singles 10.7-12oz .98 ea
Kraft BBQ Sauce 18oz .48 ea
Kraft 5 pk Macaroni & Cheese 2.48 ea

Arrowhead spring Water 24pk .5l 2.98 ea

Oscar Mayer Lunchables 3.3-4.5oz .98 ea
Oscar Mayer Bologna, Cotto Salami 12oz .98 ea
Oscar Mayer Wieners 16oz .98 ea

Capri Sun or Kool Aid Jammers 10pk 1.48 ea

Oscar Mayer Keli Shaved Lunchmeats 7-9 oz 1.98 ea

Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip 30-32oz 1.98 ea

Knudsen Sour Cream 16oz 1.48 ea

Nabisco Ritz or Wheat Thins or Triscut 12.5-16oz 1.98 ea
Nabisco Oreo Cookies 15-18oz 2.48 ea

U have to buy all 10 ITEMS in a SINGLE Transaction and there is a limit of
50 Items. Easy here in So Cal we have NO cards so you can do the Transactions
Over and Over just LIMIT yourself to 50 Mix N Match in each Transaction!

Deal #1 buy
2 Kraft Cheese 2% Singles .98 ea
4 Oreo Cookies 2.48 ea
4 Powerade .48 ea
2 Gallons of Milk 2.54 ea

Use these Coupons
2 $1.00 off 2% Kraft Singles (Printable)
2 FREE pack of Nabisco Cookies WYB 1 package of Nabisco Cookies and 1 Gallon of MILK (discount will be 2.48 x 2)
2 $1.00 Oreo Heads or Tails

Pay $8.00 Divide by 12 Items That is .67 An ITEM even on the MILK, I have never paid .67 for a Gallon of Milk!

Happy Shopping to u all!

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