Sunday, November 14, 2010

OMG It's Raining DOUBLE Coupons @ Ralphs Until 11/25/10

OMG I am in AWWWWWW! I just got back from Ralphs. THe Pic to side is the stuff I got all for $50.43! Total before club card swiped $152.87 OMG OUCH! I saved 72% YAY ME! The Buy 10 save $5.00 deal I did 3 times! All my $1.00 scanned to $2.00
.55 coupon scaned a bonus scan of .45 to equal $1.00.

The BEST deal was on the Rotini Pasta it was part of the buy 10 deal and they only had 3 left but they had a blinkie machine with .55 q's and the Rotini was on sale for .69 ea. .55 + .45 (double to $1.00) I got an overage of .31 ea! I hope they get more in I will be going to another Ralphs to get some more! Clearance Items there was alot! Orajel Cold Sore reg. 8.99 on sale 4.00 used $1.00 doubled only 2.00 Yeay Know my daughter tooth does not hurt no more! They also had Ritz crackers on sale for 1.99 and the Q in this weekend paper for $1.00 so GOT FREE BOXES of Ritz.
I just LOVE Coupons!!!

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