Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7-6-2010 Food4less, Walmart & Staples

Today was a busy day I went to Food4less and bought $21.00 worth of Groceries I used Coupons on the Kraft Singles buy 2 save $1.00 coupon and had another coupon for buy and 4 products of Kraft and get $2.00 more off, (stacking coupons Manufacture with instore = EXTRA SAVINGS) I bought 6 @ 5.68 after my coupons I usually buy the Big Brick of Kraft singles that if i am lucky would be on sale for ($7.99 or reg price could be 14.99) BIG Savings there Kraft singles are a MUST in my house! Then I bought the rest of the stuff with out coupons my Van De Kamp Double Pack Bread they also had the Farmer John Wierners still on sale for .68 ea i got 5 packs. Chicken Legs on sale for .78 LB.

So I GOT 4 loafs of Bread

5 packs of Hot Dogs

6 packs of Kraft Singles

4lbs of chicken legs

Total @ Food4Less ***** $21.00 *****

*********** STAPLES ***********

To build my coupon Binder I got the Baseball card holders they had them on sale at Staples for

2.99 10 pack i got 4 packs then got the kids 3 packs of color pencils on sale for 1.00 each

SPENT $16.11

The rest of the sheet protectors, dividers, pencil holder, Scissors I have at home so no need to buy those i believe in RE-USE'ing anything and everything! (Except Toilet paper LMAO)


BEST DEAL OF THE DAY FOR ME!!!!!! PIC at top of page
Got 3 Kraft 30 oz Mayo on sale 1.97 ea = 5.91
3 coupons for $1.00 -3.00
Makes it .97 a bottle 2.91 for 90 oz of Mayo
Dial Body Wash for MEN (usually 4.49) on SALE 2.97
COUPON for buy body wash get FREE Deodorant (NORMALLY 2.50)
Nexcare Bandages (always need w Kids) 1.50 ea
bought 2 boxes
COUPON for $1.00 off ea Total price Nexcare .50 ea
TOTAL at WALMART ****$7.62**** pic on profile is of this transaction....... Yea me!
I use to buy Bestfoods or Kraft Mayo to me they taste the same. I use to think i was getting a bargin When I would buy the Best foods 64 oz @ Food4Less for $6.99 on sale but i know it is NOT A DEAL ANYMORE WIth Coupons that i used today earlier at Walmart 90 oz for 2.91 DANG THAT IS A DEAL!!!!!!!

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