Friday, July 2, 2010

Riverside, Ca

Riverside Coupon Lady here. I am New to clipping Coupons but have been bit by the scissors. I look at the coupon as if it is REAL MONEY. For ex: a Coupon I found in the paper for C & H Sugar .50 off to me that is actually 2 quarters in my pocket of my wallet. Ladies and Gentlemen You need to use Coupons to offset the prices of the items out there. If you live in California you should know by know we are hurting for money really bad. I know my family is and coupons help me bring FOOD, Health and Beauty products in the house for cheaper and keeping more of my dollars and cents in my wallet......

I have been looking for places to DOUBLE COUPONS but there not alot out here in CA. But if you know of some pls post them to this BLOG... I know this week starting July 4th 2010 KMART is DOUBLING COUPONS ON HEALTH AND BUEATY ITEMS. SO if you have that $1.00 off coupon for the Dove Body Wash it is WOrth $2.00 and you only pay the .43 cents. COOL Deal.

Thanks from
Christle Arias

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